Trump’s Press Secretary Just Got Caught In A Bizarre Thanksgiving Lie

Written by TalesOfTheNorth

The battle over fake news has devolved into a pie fight, and the Trump administration isn’t winning.

This particular battle started when White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders sent out this tweet:

American Urban Radio Networks Washington bureau chief April Ryan saw Sander’s tweet and had a hard time believing that this perfect-looking pie shot against a white background was actually baked by the harried Press Secretary and not a stock photo from the internet. Ms. Ryan put on her investigative journalism hat to get to the bottom of the matter. She immediately tweeted back at Sanders:

Twitter exploded at the hint of Thanksgiving scandal with #PieGate and #FakePie hashtags beginning to trend. April Ryan doubled down after not hearing back from Sanders, referencing the Press Secretary’s request from earlier in the week when she demanded that reporters first recount something that they are thankful for before being allowed to ask a question.

Ryan did not let up, issuing a series of increasingly escalating tweets that got funnier and funnier as she incorporated other comments from the Twitterverse.

With Twitter fans everywhere weighing in with accusations of “Fake News” and the scandal crossing over into traditional media,

Sanders finally responded:

The Sanders family weighed in as well:

In this case, the proof is not in the pudding, but on the pie plate. Assuming that Sanders is serious about her offer, we await Ms. Ryan’s culinary review. Meanwhile, we are also very grateful for the laugh. Lord knows what Trump might tweet about us if we were ungrateful!

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