Trump Just Made An Announcement About 2020 Presidential Run, And It’s As Insane As He Is

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President Donald Trump is in lots of trouble these days. In the wake of the Flynn investigation that’s seen Flynn fall along with a host of members of his campaign, it appears that all the ‘king’s men’ are disappearing and Trump himself may be next. However, in what appears to be a delusional belief that he’s now untouchable in the wake of the possible passing of his proposed tax cut, Trump just proclaimed that he’s now invincible. Here’s what the embattled president said:

“Right now, unless they [Democrats] have somebody that we don’t know about, right now we are unbeatable, we are unbeatable,” President Trump said at the weekend. “One of the reasons, one of the reasons, is what’s happening with the markets, what’s happening with business, what’s happening with jobs.”

Trump made the statement despite the fact that polls show he’s at alarmingly low numbers. A new gallup poll recently released shows the president in first place: But not the first place he would want. Here it is:

That’s right folks, out of all of the presidents since World War II, Trump comes in at number one with the lowest job approval rating. The crazy thing here is that the first 100 days are the days when the president is given the benefit of the doubt. Thus, things can only get worse from this point on for the loud mouthed billionaire.

His proposed policies are one reason for his low ratings. But, his style also plays a role as American anxiety over the fact that he’s so combative and abrasive. Prior to his presidency, people were already repulsed by the former game show host turned president of the United States. Now that he has so much power, people are in a state of panic:

“’The current political climate has had an impact on almost all of my clients,’ says Sarah Hays Coomer, a Nashville-based personal trainer and author of Lightness of Body and Mind: A Radical Approach to Weight and Wellness. ‘They are losing sleep, fighting depression and anxiety, pain symptoms have increased, and stress eating is sky high. Several of them put on as much as 17 pounds in a month.’”

Hopefully we can get an impeachment hearing against this man or we will just have to wait him out until 2020. But winning another election at this rate is going to be quite the task.


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