Trump Jr. Just Shared The Most Awkward Picture Of His Father; Twitter Goes Wild (IMAGE)

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Donald Trump Jr. has been cultivating an equally annoying online presence as his father. It seems that whenever his dad takes a little break from social media to play golf, Donnie Jr. is right there to pick up the slack – and his latest social media post is making Twitter erupt in a flurry of mixed emotions.

Last night, Trump Jr. posted a really, REALLY weird image of his dad depicted as a superhero on Instagram. Here’s what Trump’s eldest son posted:

Have a great weekend everyone. 😂😂😂 #maga #weekend

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The image shows a fake TIME magazine cover of Trump (with a weird beard) in a Superman costume with the letter “T” instead of “S” on his chest. It’s creepy, weird, and horrible all at once – not to mention that Trump is FAR from an American hero. As soon as this post was seen by Twitter user @goldengateblond, she shared it in disbelief and the image went viral:

Trump has become infamous for his fake TIME magazine covers, in which he would display photoshopped covers of himself at this business properties before TIME demanded that he take them down. This cover is also 100% bogus, and it’s driving people on Twitter insane. As expected, the rest of the Twitterverse couldn’t help but rip Trump Jr. apart. Here are some of the best responses:

As usual, the Trumps have learned that everything they post on social media can be used against them. However, they continuously refuse to act like normal people and insist on humiliating themselves. What did Trump Jr. expect would happen when he posted this ridiculous image?!

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