Ted Cruz And Trump Jr. Just Posted A Shameful, Unprovoked Attack Against Obama On Instagram

Written by TalesOfTheNorth

In characteristic fashion, Donald Trump Jr. took to Instagram today to launch an unprovoked attack on former President Barack Obama.

Ahead of his 40th birthday, Trump Jr. claimed that he received an early birthday present in the form of an “Obama cake.”

The cake features a rather distorted image of Obama’s face, and Trump Jr. himself can be seen grimacing in the photo.

The scene is disturbingly reminiscent of third-world despots who use political enemies’ faces on doormats and dartboards in a sick display of public subversion. The Trump administration has indeed attempted to remake the Republican Party – if not the country – in that very image.

With a dismal 32 percent approval rating – the lowest of any Commander-in-Chief at this point in their presidency – the Trump administration and its surrogates, including Ted Cruz, would be well served to entertain a return to decency. After having elected a slew of Democrats in deep red districts and states across the country, the American people have spoken loud and clear about their dissatisfaction with the glaring lack of dignity soiling the halls of our once-respected government.

With an ongoing investigation by special counsel Mueller and midterm elections fast approaching in 2018, both Cruz and Trump Jr. might want to put the celebrations on hold.

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  • Well since they’re both shameful and shameless people, I guess we shouldn’t be surprised. I think I’ve finally figured out Donald and Don Jr’s obsession with Obama. He’s was respected and liked by the majority of American’s while Trump is loathed by the majority of American’s and they know it. I think it eats at them.

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