Obama Just Went Viral With His Response To Today’s Texas Church Shooting

Written by TalesOfTheNorth

In the aftermath of the deadliest church shooting in modern American history today, in which 27 people were killed in Sutherland Springs, Texas, former President Barack Obama issued a statement that instantly set the internet abuzz.

Aside from Obama’s usual articulate and empathetic response to this tragedy, it is the second part of his statement – the “concrete steps we can take to reduce the violence and weaponry in our midst” – that is especially striking. The former President’s advocacy for action, as opposed to Republicans offering only “thoughts and prayers,” is what sets him apart from our current do-nothing Republican-led Congress.

As this morning’s news revealed the depth of the tragedy in Texas, the conservatives’ wholly predictable avalanche of sanctimonious pandering blanketed social media. Republicans – including House Speaker Paul Ryan – have been quick to post on Twitter in place of actual action.

Of course, that’s about all Ryan is prepared to offer. Per Politicoin 2016 alone, Ryan accepted $171,977 from the gun lobby. Between 1990 and 2016, he accepted a staggering $336,597, the most of any lawmaker currently serving in the House of Representatives.

At about 11:30 this morning, 26-year-old Devin Kelley opened fire at the First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs, Texas, a town more than 30 miles southeast of San Antonio, killing 26 people and injuring dozens more.

The FBI and ATF immediately arrived on the scene to investigate the tragedy. So far, there is no motive for the shooting.

While officials have ruled out terrorism, this attack was perpetrated by a known radical, white, Christian extremist. In no uncertain terms, Kelley is a terrorist.

With 26 dead, plus the shooter, today’s tragedy is now the deadliest mass shooting at a church in modern American history, surpassing the nine killed at Emanuel AME Baptist Church in Charleston, South Carolina in 2015.

Obama’s words today are a rare glimpse at what true leadership looks like amid a government that would rather pander to a gun lobby than its own citizens.

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  • This is another tragedy in America. Ban the guns now. So tired of NRA trying to silence people. God grant us reason to do something about this now. Too many idiots have guns.

    • Why do people not understand that gun laws are not the problem. The shooter was a converted Muslim, however, mainstream media will not report that little FACT. Guns are Banned in Chicago…. how is that working out for them? God and the US Constitution gave me my right to bare arms and weak minded people that believe the BS on (liberal) TV with their liberal politicians WILL NOT TAKE THAT AWAY. An unarmed population is easier to control. If we lose the 2nd amendment, the first and many others are sure to follow.

  • Now here’s a well-thought-out response to reason! Danny Boy (with the emphasis on Boy) , you are a homespun, racist hatemonger in a country that has lost it’s moral compass. The logic that it takes more guns to solve a gun problem seems to make sense to you and your ilk. America is a country that has no trust in each other and is headed to the continuation of it’s civil war. The home of the brave and the land of the free indeed.

  • I love this man who was my president, and who remains a witness and voice of reason to people all over the world….a global leader and true American. Have you noticed that he has almost 100 million Twitter followers, and has been named Most Influential Person of the Year, many times over. God bless him and his family.

  • Hey Danny he was and will always be better than the idiot who sits in Oval Office. He cares about the people of this country. Talk about dividing this country Donald Duck has divided this country in the 10 months he has been there than Obama did in 8 years. At least he tried to do something about control which the idiot who is there now holds NRA above everybody they own Donald Duck.

  • You racist POG! You need to get educated on who is decent and who is not! POG in WH is not! People like you need to be deported to a country like North Korea and never let to return here!

  • You racist POG! You need to get educated on who is decent and who is not! POG in WH is not! People like you should be deported to North Korea and never let to come back here!

  • With this SO CALLED PRESIDENT, we been having more tragedies and the RACISM is at the MAX, we need to impeach this FAKE PRESIDENT, trump is nothing but a DICTATOR, him, his VP, his family and his CORRUPTED cabinet they all need to go, I BEG FROM ALL OF YOU TO PLEASE SIGN THE ADD THAT MR. TOM STEYER HAD RUNNING ON FOX, WHICH BY THE WAT IT WAS DELETED BY FOX, BECAUSE THEY ARE SO MUCH IN LOVE WITH THIS RACIST DERANGED………….. trump. PLEASE SIGN AT needtoimpeach.com

  • Use your head, If there were no guns , Oaklahoma would still have a mass murder , And New York would still not have the Twin towers . But if there were no People , Then neither trajedy would have happened, So where does the problem lie ? Makeing more laws will not stop anything (seen any speeders lately) removeing all guns will not stop crazy people from killing (and it is impossible to do) The problem got really worse when Ronnie (POS) closed all the mental health facilitys to give the wealthy a tax break . Think about it and quit hollering for solutions that wont work !

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