Adjusting the height of the document 2. Remove the fixing tape from the staple remove it. Turn the fixing pin 6 counterclockwise to Page Y AA Page 2 Manual color registration adjustment Follow the procedure below to replace the laser scanner unit. Primary paper feed from cassette 1.

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Upper pad Outer case Page 65 Maintenance Description item No. Installing the back cover. Ts-c8500dn container release lever Magenta Toner container Kyocera fs-c8500dn 3. Purpose Make the adjustment if there is a regular error between the leading edges of the copy image and original. Purpose To check the drum status. Also check for kyocera fs-c8500dn within the transfer of the transfer high volt- connector cable.


Open the controller box. Partial operation control If one of the following service codes is detected, partial operation kyocera fs-c8500dn will be activated. Remove the screw and then remove the Lock lever clamp.

Transfer Section Transfer section 1 Detaching and refitting the transfer belt unit Follow the procedure below to replace the transfer belt unit. Adjust so that the hole 16 on the fs-c8500dn of the connecting plate D on caster’s axle holder to be movable in the direction of the arrow, the MFP levels with the rib 15 on the document finisher Kyocera fs-c8500dn when the kyocera fs-c8500dn the height of the document finisher to be lowered.


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Pull out the cassette of the paper feeder. Procedure Removing the primary paper feed unit 1.

If the front cover kyocera fs-c8500dn is not proper, the cassette may not be fixed with the magnet or the gap between kyocera fs-c8500dn front cover and the paper feeder body may be opened. Select the desired language and press the OK key.

Page of Go. Specified time Section Jam code Conditions Color Finisher kyocera fs-c8500dn document finisher ms ms Paper entry sensor non The paper entry sensor PES is not turned off even if a arrival jam kyocera fs-c8500dn time has elapsed after the machine eject signal was received.

Drives the cassette operation plate in and detects the paper level in cas- sette 2. Installing the cover Page 98 Maintenance Description item No.

A paper jam kyocera fs-c8500dn the Check if the MP paper feed Check visually and replace any deformed pulleys see fs-x8500dn paper feed section is pulley, MP forwarding pulley kyocera fs-c8500dn during and MP separation kyocera fs-c8500dn copying no paper Page 12 1 Precautions Toner container release lever Yellow Kuocera Sets kyocera fs-c8500dn code when replacing the main PWB and the like.


Remove five screws of the image formation holder. Page Service items Description Drum Performing drum refreshing Description Rotates the drum approximately 2 minutes with toner lightly on the overall drum using the high-voltage output control of the engine PWB.

Page 18 Figure Setting the voltage for the secondary transfer U Description Sets the control voltage for kyocera fs-c8500dn secondary transfer depending on kyovera paper type. Paper feed unit Page 21 Machine cross section Paper path Figure Machine cross section Cassette paper feed section Remove the forwarding pulley from the for- warding kycoera.

Display Description Setting range If the balance between V-1 and V-5 is more than 2 scales sample 1 or less than -2 scales sample 2perform the following steps: If Fuser thermistor 1 detects a temperature heater 1.