Withdraw the tray of the size to be changed. Original images are scanned into memory and automatically arranged in booklet format in correct order. Caution Labels and Indicators continued The following indicators are used on the caution labels or in this manual to categorize the level of safety cautions. Specify the paper type and size to be loaded on the Multi-sheet bypass tray, as described below. Recalling Stored Job Settings job Memory: Shake the new Toner cartridge several times to loosen toner. Repeat mode will scan the image area specified by the selected paper size and mode 2 Repeat, 4 Repeat, or 8 Repeat , then arrange the image by specified times in one copy sheet.

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Konica Minolta Bizhub Toner Cartridges & Supplies

Copying operation cannot be continued until all the konica minolta 7255 locations are cleared. Click on [Back] in the browser window to return to the E. Page Setting Scan Transmission Function Environment Setup Follow the procedure below to register, change, or delete the address for the transmission of the scanned image data konica minolta 7255 the web browser.

The Basic Screen will be restored. Machine Release the release knob to lock the side guide plate. Specify the numbering type, printing position, character size, printed page and starting No. Use Non STD size mode to specify the scanning area manually for copying konica minolta 7255 printing special size originals.


Recalling Stored Job Settings job Memory: Copying Operations Arrange the mixed size originals as illustrated below. In this case, try this procedure again after the machine starts idling.

Touch or to specify the desired copy mode. In order to maintain a satisfactory copying performance, please keep this Manual readily available for konica minolta 7255 in the side pocket of the machine.

Page 48 Machine Configuration continued PI Cover Konica minolta 7255 Feeder 3 Upper tray guide plates 4 Upper tray 2 Upper unit release lever 5 Lower tray 6 Lower tray guide plates 1 Cover sheet feeder control panel 1 Cover sheet feeder control panel controls cover sheet konica minolta 7255 operations. Page [1] System Initial Setting continued To set this function, follow the procedure below. Page mknolta Selecting Density Level continued Select additional copy conditions, as desired.

If required, change the print quantity on the Basic Screen.

Delete the image data. The Count Reset Confirmation window will be displayed. Rotation icon is displayed when Rotation automatically functions.


Contact your service representative and report the condition and code No. Displays the remaining copy count of the job. Selecting Original Binding Direction When copying in or mode, specify the binding direction of the origi- nals on the Special Original popup menu to obtain the desired konica minolta 7255 result. Repeat mode will scan the image area specified by the selected paper size and mode 2 Repeat, 4 Repeat, or 8 Repeatthen arrange konica minolta 7255 image by specified times in one copy sheet.


To Display Current Machine Status Job Status Follow the procedure below to display the current job status, job list including reserved jobs and job information, and information on up to 16 previous jobs.

Display the password list on the screen, or delete the konica minolta 7255 data JOB by deleting the corresponding password from the list. Copying Using Kpnica continued Position original s after completing the scan for the current job. Table Of Contents Contents konica minolta 7255 Section Selection Screen will be displayed.

These settings can be changed by the Key Operator, as shown in this section.

The copier returns to the OFF condition and minota is again disabled. Click on [Group Entry List] to display the konica minolta 7255, then click on a group name to be changed.

Konica Minolta Bizhub 7255 Supplies

Cleaning the Document Glass Raise the document cover, and clean the glass with a clean soft cloth. Touch SET after each entry to move to the next key.

Paper Information continued Exit konica minolta 7255 Max.

Safety Information Caution Labels and Indicators