Drivers can be convoluted, thermal glue used for heatsink attachment, no TV-out, Chip Guard’s implementation. Windows , , and XP Latest Version: Click here to enlarge. This is due to the fact that the sensor inputs are not able to be seen by the user. ELSA, a German based company, has continued this tradition of mixing professional graphics products with higher end gaming cards, a attribute that can be seen with their current range of products. Unreal Tournament Overclocking Conclusion. Frees up CPU computations for physics and artificial intelligent AI which results in more realistic object behaviors and character animation.

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Elsa erazor x Tournament Overclocking Conclusion. One can also download the same from the Egazor official website as stated in the description section above. ELSA, a German based company, has continued this elsaa of mixing professional graphics products elsa erazor x higher end gaming cards, a attribute that can be seen with their current range of products.

Click here to see the full review. NLX form factor, not reference design, large heatsink, powerful driver set, Chip Guard.


Monitor and Video Cards Manufacturer: No amount of clicking or pointing will show you chip temperature or fan RPM. The ChipGuard is a nifty utility that does two things: On switching on the machine, the system will automatically detect a new hardware and hence elsa erazor x the driver installation process. On-chip integration of the entire 3D pipeline Elsa erazor x, lighting, setup, and rendering. The graphic resolution in this card is wide and varied.

Log in Don’t have an account? Speaking to ELSA we learned of a different monitoring option used here. While this may all sound fancy, the driver implementation is rather weak, as the only information that is given is a small green light indicating that everything is functioning properly. One would suspect that the oversized heatsink would provide for a low elsa erazor x card; however, the fact that the heatsink is attached to the GPU with thermal glue means that less heat can be transferred to the heatsink’s large surface area.


Post Your Comment Please log in or sign up to comment. NLX is a relatively new case standard seen to the leftset into motion in by Intel, that minimizes the amount of space that the case takes up, creating, in essence, a tiny, cute computer. Integrated Transforms and Lighting Delivers 2 -4 times the triangle rate for the 2 – 4 times more detailed 3D scenes. This is due to the fact that the sensor inputs are not able to be seen by the user.

Resolution color 8-bit 64k color bit ELSA has been known as a company that stands behind its products and is willing to go the extra mile for quality sake. Boasting a 6 year manufacturer’s warrantee and elsa erazor x very valuable software bundle, the ERAZOR X 2 is one card which does not disappoint from the elsa erazor x satisfaction side.

In the case of the AGP slot, space is saved by placing bulky but elsa erazor x motherboard components such as ports under the AGP card itself.

The tasbar resident driver utility can be annoying elsa erazor x times, as the most used features are found almost 3 levels deep.

An included overclocking screen allows for changes to be made to the core and memory speeds with relative ease. While the elsa erazor x of the ChipDoctor software is pretty cool, the usability of the utility leaves something to be desired.


It is not until an error has occurred do you see any type of box. Unless you update your drivers regularly you may face hardware performance issues. These threshold values are very high, thus this safety feature of the card will only be activated if the card is about ready to become toast.

The Card – ELSA ERAZOR X SDR GeForce

This more than thoroughly covers the GeForce processor and also leaves heat sink space around the approximately 4 cm x 4 cm fan the same one used on many of the video elsa erazor x we see in flsa lab.

Not only can you access the commonly used features of the reference drivers, the WINman Suite allows you to tweak monitor timings and refresh rates. In fact, the increased open space created by using an NLX form factor card elsa erazor x provides an advantage over normal AGP cards because the free space, in theory, results in increased case air flow and also a nice place elssa run cables, if necessary.

The card also has 3Dimensional hardware features and four autonomous rendering pipelines.

Keep in elsa erazor x, however, that you can expect high quality performance and manufacturing with the ERAZOR X 2traits often neglected by other producers.

Run a free scan for Windows errors.