Britain’s Prince Harry Just Got Engaged to A Biracial Actress, and Trump Fans Are LOSING IT

Written by TalesOfTheNorth

Today, Buckingham Palace announced that Prince Harry had gotten engaged to American actress Meghan Markle, an American actress known for her role on AMC’s Suits.

For most Americans, the British Royal Family is more the stuff of celebrity gawking and tabloid fodder than anything of true political relevance, but to the bigoted idiots who make up President Trump’s MAGA nation, this was something more: an affront to their vile white supremacist ideology.

Markle is biracial, and in their twisted minds, that is a bad thing.

Below is just a sampling of the racist Twitter attacks on Harry and Markle from Trump’s MAGA morons. Not every Trump voter belongs in the same category as these hateful people, but those who do not need to face the fact that every second that they continue to stand by Trump they are continuing to enable this poisonous mindset — and that is a very bad thing.


Prince Harry


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  • Congratulations Prince Harry and Meghan Merkle. I pray that you will have a wonderful wedding.

    It is none of anyone’s business except there’s.

  • F with people say. This his choice at the end of the day. Then the queen love the Obamas!!! So that’s a damn lie. she gave them her wishes. The wedding going down. I can’t wait to see it.

  • Each of the stupid, backward remarks, show how low the type of person goes, The royal family are not living in a cave in scotland ireland or wales, whereas this collection of backward dweeps, ? goodness knows what rock they inhabit, grow up, . Good luck to harry and his chosen wife to be, if they love each other, then all the very best to them, as for the bile containers, Enjoy your new life, really piss them off. be Happy,

  • Thank God that brand of racist is unique to the USA. Prince Harry and Meghan Merkle are adults and can choose their own path through life. The comments I read from the racists shows the ignorance and bigotry that they live by. I can understand why two million brits have signed a petition to ban trump from the UK.

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