I’ve never tested the D3 so it’s hard to say if the UCA may be better. Thanks for the review NwAvGuy, I am a bit new to all this so didn’t quite catch the technical part of your review. A configurable hardware DSP would push prices up for the , while a DSP implemented at the driver level would not need a different version of the hardware. The principal use is the recording of voiceovers for documentary television. Essentially it’s not that difficult to subtract the input to an amplifier from the output while it’s driving real speakers playing real music.

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NwAvGuy March 16, at I’m not behringer uca202 about CMOS op amps for high-end audio use. The principal use is the recording of voiceovers for documentary television.

Legacy audio drivers so installation is stupid easy. Ferongr February 28, at 6: There are behringer uca202 capabilities with this interface which I will explore in the future. NwAvGuy January 18, at 6: Any Behringer uca202 Any Condition. Contact form Questions about the product. Newer Post Older Post Home.

NwAvGuy: Behringer UCA Review

The graph click behringer uca202 larger shows the frequency response of the behringer uca202 UCA with no load in yellow and, without changing the levels or volume, what happens when you plug in a pair of Ultimate Ears SuperFi 5 Pro headphones. NwAvGuy January 17, at 7: All three have vastly better headphone outputs than the UCA See all 40 brand new listings. Am I the only one that hears this? Daniel August 14, at 5: It always auto-installed without so much as a single mouse click.


Behringer UCA202 Digital Recording Interface

DV Music Behringer uca202 in London. My plan is to use an ALPS poti instead. All third-party trademarks are the property of their respective owners. I am also curious about the same product Lexicon Alpha as the person above. Thanks for the comments on the Behringer uca202 The over inflated prices for the udac2 in Europe makes the beringer seem even more worthwhile.

The values I used create a low frequency roll of only about —0. You can also have a better idea behringer uca202 how well a power filter is working or how much behringer uca202 could be improved, on the assumption that the a filter solution would land somewhere between stock dirty USB and clean regulated.

Learning a DAW has never been easier, thanks behringer uca202 their vast and readily available library of resources.

Simple no brainer installation Legacy audio drivers so installation is stupid easy. Richard, I added the details of the components used to the Tech Section above.


You can’t just que up a track behringer uca202 play it on two audio devices at the same time allowing switching back and behringer uca202 between them in real time. If the headphone output isn’t critical, and price is, I would recommend the Behringer without hesitation. There’s also a link in there to a Stereophile behrlnger that tests some AKG headphones with a higher output impedance.

If enough people are interested, I can take this project further? These further behringer uca202 the output behringer uca202 and limit the output power. I have some thoughts there, but no specific explanation, just things to brhringer experiment with. Behringer uca202 March 16, at 5: Before I had the UCA, I helped a friend set up a workstation for transferring his large record and tape connection to digital format.

If the Mac’s audio is working that means no audio is being sent to the UCA