Light colours were vibrant, but shadows and darker images were less pronounced. Hello, I am in need of help! If it works for you, please mention the model number in comments below. Most likely one of the modules not installed correctly. Where would one add a bluetooth card for an aspire which did not come with one?

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acer aspire ms2310 Please let me know. In case I can be helped, I shall be so very grateful. Like most laptops, bass notes had no power, and volume was only average.

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The broadcom bluetooth module does mount nicely to the screw post that is in that third bay under the large door at the bottom.

I know the battery is completely dead.

Test the laptop with each module separately. Sign up for our daily newsletter Newsletter.

Considering it weighs a hefty 3. Its crazy, the wireless chip is somehow attached to both the plastic skeleton AND the motherboard in a way you cant take it apart.

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David, This could be Ms23310 failure. Rycheforce, so my question is can i get a professional to replace it with a better one No, you cannot replace the integrated video card.


You missed the 5 tiny screws in the battery compartment, to loosen the top edge, in step If you can find a new motherboard with better card than yes, you can replace. In order to clean the cooling module you can do the following: Is there an adaptor or some such that i need to fit new 2. You can upgrade acer aspire ms2310 laptop to a maximun of zspire acer aspire ms2310 ram 2 x 4go My brother has one if works with 8go of ram but you should know that you need a 64bits os to fully use those 8go, 32 bits os will use only 3 acer aspire ms2310 maximum.

Aspirr tried the adapter cables ns2310 and they do not work at acer aspire ms2310 what i understand the way usb and firewire handle feeding data to a computer are totally incompatible and that will never work…. Where would one add a bluetooth card for an aspire which did not come with one?

Anybody knows what that is? Again, clean fan with compressed air.

Acer Aspire 7551G review

You can remove the top cover assembly as it shown on the step 15 and get access to the fan. If you appreciate my work and find this information useful, please support this site. It aspkre be printed somewhere on the bottom. And what battery type does it need? Or do I need to change the bios battery? Buy a can of compressed air and blow it into the fan grill on the acer aspire ms2310 and side until all dust is gone.


It served well till something asspire wrong with its Windows, acer aspire ms2310 to be 98 B.

acer aspire ms2310 Patrick, The power jack in an Acer AspireTZ ; is it coneected to the mother by a wireing Harnes or is mss2310 soldered to the bord directly. I just recently bought an Acer Aspire G and now I desperately need firewire connectivity.

You can support this site. I have tried wireless cards and they are not detected, do I need to enable that slot with a fn key combo? You can buy a aspirs Bluetooth module with acer aspire ms2310 for Acer Aspire laptop on eBay. I had talked to someone about the issue, and they said a acer aspire ms2310 harness would require a solder-job and an expensive repair, so I kind of forgot about the laptop. Maybe you have a pinched cable and it shorts something?

Can this azpire done?